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Intro to Cellular phones & Data in criminal investigations

One Day

This fast paced one-day course is designed for officers, detectives and analysts assigned criminal investigations.  Whether investigating drug crimes, stolen autos, homicides or anything in between, cellular phones and data are sure to play a role in today’s investigations.  This course focuses on identifying, preserving and collecting data during criminal investigations and how this data can be used to build strong cases.

The course includes an explanation of available law enforcement resources, proper evidence seizure techniques of cellular devices and the drafting of search warrants specific to records and data held by third parties.  Students will be shown the process of a forensic cell phone examination in order to build their understanding of the data.  Instruction will be provided on obtaining historical call detail records and social media records, with a general overview of these records and their use in investigations.  Different forms of vehicle data that can be exploited will also be introduced.  The latest investigative techniques dealing with data will be thoroughly explained.  The course ends with a real life case review in which investigators identified, arrested, charged and convicted a group of violent criminals through the use of data.

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Cellular Phones, Technology, Mapping & Analysis

Three Day

This three day course offers students the opportunity to dive deep into the common data gathered during investigations.  On Day 1, students will be introduced to a plethora of law enforcement resources available to them to assist with investigations, they will learn about cellular technology & terminology and will be introduced to the Cellhawk software.  On Day 2, students will be provided historical call detail records (CDRs) from the main cellular service providers (AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile).  Instruction will be provided on how to interpret the records and the valuable information they contain in investigations.  Video evidence, GPS data and social media evidence are great ways to corroborate CDR evidence, and this will be discussed.  Proper seizure techniques of cellular devices to not only preserve the data contained within the devices but to access the data will be discussed thoroughly.  Additionally, proper report writing and courtroom testimony relative to CDRs will be discussed on Day 2.  On Day 3, students will be provided specialized location records from the main cellular service providers.  Instruction will be provided on how to interpret these records and the valuable information they contain in investigations.  Google Geofence warrants, tower dumps and area searches will be discussed in great detail.  

There are several practical exercises and case studies built in throughout this course.

** Students will be required to bring a WiFi capable laptop. **

Telecommunication tower with 5G cellular network antenna on city background, Global connec

Whether you are a new investigator or a seasoned veteran, you will be sure to take away great information from our classes.  Register today!

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