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Data Exploitation
to Further Investigations

Technology has changed the world we live in.  It has also changed criminal investigations. 

DEFI's training focuses on the use of data to solve complex criminal investigations.  Students will learn how to identify, preserve, collect and analyze data to bolster their cases from beginning to end.

Data sources discussed include video, cell phones, cellular service provider records, social media records, GPS data, vehicles and much more.

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DEFI Training is a trusted training partner of Cellhawk, powered by LeadsOnline.  Cellhawk is industry leading call detail record mapping and analyzing software.  It is trusted by law enforcement departments throughut the United States.  The Cellhawk software is utilized throughout the training sessions, and students become proficient in its use.


Intro to Cellular Phones & Data in Criminal Investigations (One Day)

This is an introductory level course covering the use of electronic data to solve investigations.  Students will learn how to identify, preserve and collect data to build their investigations.

Cellular Phones, Technology, Mapping & Analysis (Three Day)

This three-day course, focused on cellular phones, provides investigators with a strong understanding on the use of cellular phones in criminal investigations.  Students will learn to map cell site data and become proficient in the use of the Cellhawk mapping software.  Students who successfully complete this course will be certified in the use of the Cellhawk software.

Prosecutors Half Day

For prosecutors trying cases that deal with phone extractions, cell phone records or social media data.

Topics Covered

Law Enforcement Resources

It is vital to be familiar with all the different resources and tools available to law enforcement specific to data collection and analysis.  These tools and resources expedite and improve efficiency of the investigation.

Monitoring Room

Interested in hosting a course?

DEFI is looking to schedule more courses.  If you would like to see DEFI come to your area, please reach out and let us know so we can make arrangements.  Special offers are available to agencies willing and able to host!

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